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Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women

Most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day, according to the research American Academy of Dermatology. Especially in times when hair is washed, people can lose up to 250 strands,  you can notice even while you are showering and most especially when you are combing your hair afterwards. It is a common knowledge that women have a special connection with their hairs, more often they consider it their crowning glory, thereby having a huge attachment and is sometimes emotional whenever they cut it off or  there is a dramatic change. That is why you cannot wonder why it is important for them to be knowledgeable about hair loss. Hair loss for women is very rampant in society nowadays. And at some point in time through research there are ways that women can cope with hair loss

Ways women cope with hair loss

Share stories

It helps to know you’re not alone. Hair loss for women should not be an isolated case. You cannot just expect it so solve on its own, without telling your parents or husband. Add the fact that you can turn into specialist who can examine and detect the reason why you have that kind of condition. For example, it could be that in your case it is hereditary or in most cases acquired through the food you eat and your day to day activities.

Join a support group

Support group is important in every problem or undertaking. In the case of hair loss, it is also advisable if you share it with your peers. You can also know about their experiences and you can easily relate to them. Moreover, it is also an advantage because you can share tips and it is a comforting feeling knowing that you are not the only one who is suffering that condition.

Accept it

It’s not easy, but try to come to terms with your hair loss. Especially with women, where they treat their hair as a crowning glory that needs to be maintained and taken care of. More often than not it is very hard, but you need to understand that the first step in dealing with it is to accept the fact that it is existing and happening to you.

Talk about it

For married women, if hair loss is affecting your relationship with your partner, going to therapy or couples counselling may help. In this way you can open up to your feeling of insecurities and doubts about your condition affecting your marriage. It is advisable since by nature women are known to be sensitive and emotional in dealing with problems that is why they need a good support system, especially when they are married it should be their husbands. And a good support system should be the one that she trust and completely understands.

Cover up

This is all about confidence. Don’t let hair loss get in your way. Try to explore the mall and watch out for authentic wigs. Treat this as an advantage you can now feel free to try different hairstyles and colors as well. Don’t feel bad about yourself. You are the only one who can make yourself feel better. For more information on ways to overcome you hair loss contact Spark Hair

Some Hair Loss Causes in Humans

Some Hair Loss Causes in Humans

Hair loss happens in men and women alike, with both sexes naturally losing certain amounts of hair and hair thickness as years pass by. It is normal for everyone to lose a particular amount of hair from the head every day. In most cases, loss of hair is not necessarily as a result of hereditary factors, age and hormonal changes, but it is likely to be related to these. Hair loss causes vary per individual.

Losing hair is a natural phenomenon but sudden or abnormal hair loss is what should trigger alarm bells and be a cause for concern. Hormonal imbalance, diseases, and medication can be some of the reasons for abnormal loss of hair. If you notice your hair falling out in abnormally huge quantities, it may be time to seek medical help to have the problem diagnosed. This is what would be referred to as clinical hair loss.

Clinical hair loss can be as a result of a number of factors. One factor is too much exercise. Exercising excessively causes the body to be drained of vital nutrients and the result is the loss of strength in hair follicles. When you exercise, do it moderately and it should go hand in hand with a proper diet and hydration so that the body is provided with the nutrition and energy it requires.

Changes in diet or the lack of food (malnutrition) are also hair loss causes. For the body to function normally, it needs a good diet which it should also get regularly. Lack of a balanced diet or malnutrition denies the body the important nutrients it needs. This in turn affects the operation of different organs and the skin is one of them. Consumption of a proper balanced diet does a lot of good to the skin which is the organ that holds hair.

Lack of enough sleep also causes hair loss. When you are deprived of sleep, your hair follicles become stressed and this will cause hair to fall of in more quantities than usual. There are also medications that are culprit as far as hair loss is concerned. Such medicines as contraceptives, depressants, and calcium blockers cause hair to fall.

Pregnancy and childbirth also play a part in hair loss. Women experience hormonal changes that are related to pregnancy and giving birth. These two experiences can cause sudden hair loss. Two to three months after childbirth is the most likely time for hair loss to happen since it is the period that the body experiences hormonal changes. For solutions to your hair loss a great site is

Allergies also cause hair to fall out. Allergies can be caused by weather changes, dust, medication, and this can lead to hair loss due to the resultant itching. Hair can lose moisture because of hot weather and this can also cause hair to fall off. Chemotherapy leads to sudden and massive hair loss in patients. Regrowth will occur after treatment but you will need to get a proper diet so as to restore hair color and texture. Viral diseases and thyroid diseases are also hair loss causes.

Finding the Best Hair Loss Shampoo

Tips on Finding the Best Hair Loss Shampoo

There is no shortage of people that have a hair loss problem meaning it would be natural to have a solution for the problem. There is more than one solution for dealing with hair with each having its unique capabilities. Use of hair loss Shampoo is one of the greatest ways of dealing with the condition. You will need tips for helping you to choose the best shampoo to help with hair loss. These useful tips will enable you know the best shampoo to go for.

The first tip is to choose shampoo from a company or manufacturer with a good reputation. You will find companies that have different varieties for their customers based on how they have done studies and research. Go for a company that has a great reputation with clients. This will help you avoid buying products from unsuitable companies.

The next thing is to look at the ingredients. Before you buy a shampoo you have never used before, make sure you look at its composition. This includes looking out for dangerous chemicals and substances in a product. If a shampoo is of high quality and is made from organic and natural ingredients, you can consider getting it. Shampoos come with information on their ingredients clearly stated in their packaging.

Get to read customer reviews. You can go to the internet where you can get informative customer reviews. The importance of reviews is that they can be useful in helping you choose the right shampoo for hair loss. If it is high quality shampoo, it will receive plenty of positive reviews from customers who have used it. Go through these reviews, paying attention so that you can find the right hair loss shampoo for yourself.

When it comes to the products, you might have to compare shampoos for your hair loss problem. There are many of these products that you will find available in shops, pharmacies or hair care practices among others. You can also find shampoos on the internet where there are online stores that sell the products and that can offer very competitive prices. From all these sources, you can compare these products before settling on the best one for you try Spark Hair

As far as pricing is concerned it should not be your chief concern. As much as it is good for you to focus on a product’s price, the most important thing to look at is quality. At times, low prices for shampoos may be a pointer to low quality. What you need is a shampoo that will work effectively and one that will not affect your hair or scalp adversely.

A word of advice is not to wash your hair too often so as to prevent hair loss. When you wash your hair too often, it can lead to damage of the scalp and follicles. Professional advice is to wash it once every three days. When you do this, you will be avoiding bad issues with your hair in future. This move will complement the work done by your hair loss shampoo.

The 5 Truths about Hair Extensions

5 Truths Of Hair Extensions -
The hair contributes a lot to the overall character of a person. It is an essential property where at times a character of an individual can be especially identified. For circumstances, if an individual has unmanageable hair, she or he can be marked as somebody who does not offer much attention to things around him or her. On the various other hand, if somebody has a well-groomed hair, she or he can be truly identified as someone who has a neat personality. That’s how others totally evaluate people based on their hair.
Nevertheless, in this time and age when technology is at its peak, hair styling techniques have likewise evolved. Hair extensions have been greatly impacting the industry of hair styling and such. From the usual individuals to Hollywood stars, hair extensions offer a total boost to a fantastic look and self-esteem on a higher level. Therefore, exactly what truly is a hair extension? It is a way of providing a little length to your hair. Its objective is just to lengthen your hair, hence, providing it a natural look or result.
There are a great deal of interesting things with regards to hair extensions.
It can be done in various ways.
The way of applying hair extensions may vary. Exactly how? Do you know that you can use hair extensions by letting it be glued in, clipped in, woven in or even braided into your hair! Isn’t really that cool or what?
It is not uncomfortable.
It ought to not be. Based on the various ways of using hair extensions, there is no chance that this styling method can hurt you. There are particular reports stating that having hair extensions too much can provide you headache. This may need further evidence however, obviously, being preventive is still much better. You have to make sure that you do not get abusive when it comes to your hair.
It adds length to your hair.
Absolutely. It is the primary action of hair extensions. It actually functions as hair-lengthening. So, you can say bye-bye to your bob-cut hair and say hello to a longer and wavy hair.
It adds volume to your hair.
Aside from the truth that hair extensions extend your hair, it also enhances your hair’s volume making it more lively than ever. Just imagine having the kind of hair that bounces as you go and sways like it mirrors joy and enjoyable. Say bye-bye to your dull hair and say hello to your new, vibrant hair.
You can make it more stylish.
Provide it a personal touch. Exactly how? You can have it from mild style to a wild one. You can turn your long, black hair by making it more lively – include highlights!
So, now that you know some facts regarding hair extensions, you might currently have an idea on how you want your hair to be extended, right? All you need to do is be naturally lovely by deceiving your friends and enjoyed ones with that natural-looking long, amazing and attractive hair of yours.